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Group 11510

Smart Building Technologies

In line with Singapore government’s direction towards a Smart Nation, AST have integrated various Smart Building Technologies to complement our Group’s core business of building management services to increase work productivity and efficiency

Group 11497
Artificial Intelligence

3 Stages to fully automated facilities management

Group 11497
Smart Toilet System

IMDA Pre-Approved Solution

Group 11511
Technology Evaluation

Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub (BPITH) achieved the 5 Stars happy Toilet awards in August 2020 and was also awarded the LOO awards for best toilet in the public transport sector in 2020

Group 11497

IOT Management Platform

Cleaners and Maintenance Staff Applications


We are making your life easier

Advancer Smart Technology Pte Ltd (AST), inception in 2017, has a grandeur mission to revolutionize the estate management industry, with the combined AG Group (Advancer Global Ltd) operating experience of more than 100 years.


AST set forth a digitalization roadmap to innovate and explore ways to improve the current manpower efficiency and productivity, inline with the…


Smart Facilities powered by AST

The Future of Integrated Facility Services. In line with the nation’s initiative to create a Smart Nation, we have integrated various Smart Technology solutions to our building management services to enhance work productivity and efficiency. This strengthens our capabilities and empowers our position as a dominant workforce solution.




For every service buyer, we offer a propriate neural network to the service buyer and our deep learning architecture (which is a class of machine-learning algorithms) to process user supervision, while being...



IOT Product

These are simple and straightforward sensors but there is big impact to the user usage pattern of toilet. With the data fused seamlessly, there are outcomes related to the Temperature & Humidity of the toilet.



Used Cases

A complete set of smart toilet solution that integrate with the Smart Cleaning Specialist Platform across the entire Integrated Transport Hub, which gives clear indication of the restroom status and specialists’ job...

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