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Smart Toilet System SMRT (Buses), Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub (BPITH)

A complete set of smart toilet solution that integrate with the Smart Cleaning Specialist Platform across the entire Integrated Transport Hub, which gives clear indication of the restroom status and specialists’ job orders/tasks.


In total there are 6 types of sensors that are being deployed to actively monitor the toilet/nursing room conditions. On average, there are more than 66,000 users to the toilets (monthly), which is 1 of the busiest Integrated Transport Hub in Singapore.


With the introduction of the Smart Technology, BPITH management achieve the 5 stars Happy Toilet awards on August 2020 and awarded the LOO awards for best toilet in Public Transport sector for 2020.

Improve cleaning specialist productivity with the use of comprehensive technology to promptly inform the specialists on the toilet conditions. Hence improve the response time to the anomalies.